The APGRA is overseen by a volunteer Management Committee voted in by members annually.

The founding members of APGRA were:

  • Government Relations Australia Advisory (now GRACosway)
  • Kreab Gavin Anderson (Australia)
  • Newgate Communications
  • Statecraft
  • Res Publica

APGRA’s 2024 Management Committee


Andrew Cox

(Partner, GRACosway)

Vice President

Sally Mackenzie

(Chief Executive Officer, Delta Advisory)


Claire Bremner

(Partner & Canberra Office Head, SEC Newgate)


George Karagiannakis

(Executive Manager, Government Relations, Insurance Australia Group Ltd)

Committee Member

Anna Page

(Director Communications and Public Affairs, UnitingCare Australia)

Committee Member

Cathy Uechtritz

(Director of Government Relations, Archdiocese of Brisbane)

Committee Member

Patrick Fagan

(Partner, GRA Partners)


Promote high standards of government relations practice in Australia through the establishment and maintenance of a robust industry code of conduct.

To protect, promote and advance the interests of government relations professionals on all issues affecting or likely to affect the Australian professional government relations industry.

Complement existing regulation of government relations practice in Australia and provide a basis for regular dialogue between government and the profession.

Contribute to greater understanding of professional government relations in Australia, and the legitimate and important role the sector plays in a vibrant democratic system.