Australian states/territories have their own legislation and lobbyist registers overseeing the operation of lobbying activities by government relations practitioners. 

The requirements vary by jurisdiction and require people undertaking government relations activities to be registered and abide by a code of conduct. 

Below are the links to the relevant requirements and registers in each jurisdiction.

Federal Government

Lobbyist Register:

Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme:

The purpose of the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme is to provide the public with visibility of the nature, level and extent of foreign influence on Australia’s government and politics. Individuals or entities are required to register certain activities (registrable activities) under the scheme if they are taken on behalf of aforeign principal.

New South Wales

Lobbyist Register: 

*The NSW Register also has a requirement for the names of third parties (‘clients’) who have retained the lobbyist to provide, or for whom the lobbyist has provided, lobbying services (whether paid or unpaid), including information about those clients who are foreign principals.


Lobbyist Register (consulting and in-house registers):


Lobbyist Register:

Western Australia 

Lobbyist Register:

South Australia

Lobbyist Register:


Lobbyist Register:

Australian Capital Territory

Lobbyist Register:

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory does not have a Register of Lobbyists or any requirements for government relations practitioners to be registered.