– Creating A Best Practice Framework for Government Engagement

APGRA is a supporter of, a group of motivated government relations practitioners developing a framework for best practice government relations.

APGRA exists to promote high standards of government relations practice and therefore strongly supports the initiative. encourages a greater understanding of professional government relations, and the legitimate and important role the sector plays in a vibrant democratic system. The best practice framework is a useful complement to APGRA’s Code of Conduct which has been in operation since July 2014.

APGRA is contributing to the development of the initiative and encourages all practitioners to consider its principles and if possible, contribute to their development.

To join the community and be consulted on the draft principles, please sign up.

Principles for Best Practice Government Relations (1.0)

1. Compliance

Rules around lobbying vary from place to place. Always work within applicable laws and regulations.

2. Integrity

Work ethically and with professionalism, whether regulatory frameworks are in place or not.

3. Purpose

We are the conduit between policy-shapers and policy-makers. Our role is to educate and guide our internal stakeholders as well as external ones.

4. Proactivity

Work Prioritise regular and proactive outreach to external stakeholders, conducted over the long term and beyond election cycles.

5. Panpartisanship

A panpartisan strategy breeds authenticity and nurtures quality relationships across political divides.

6. Evidence

Advice backed by evidence and data leads to better policy outcomes.

7. Empathy

Always seek to understand the imperatives and motivators of others.

8. Clarity

Using clear communication with all stakeholders helps to bring them on the journey and amplify their voices.

9. Alliances

Unite as many groups as possible around issues and causes.

10. Framing

Present information in a way policy-makers can easily understand and use.

11. Planning

Engagement strategies should be written down, contain SMART goals and realistic targets, but provide enough flexibility to change direction if needed.

12. Execution

Execution is as important as the strategy. Even the best GR strategy falls over if you can’t execute.

13. Alignment

Good GR is embedded in the business strategy.

14. Respect

Play the game, not the player. Avoid belittling your opponents or their concerns.