APGRA | Australian Professional Government Relations Association



Government relations professionals play an important part in our representative system of government. Individuals and organisations can and do approach government directly. Some, however, use experts to advise them. Professional government relations practitioners use their knowledge and experience to help corporations, associations, charities and other not for profit organisations interact effectively with, and navigate the processes of, government.

A number of longstanding firms and senior practitioners providing government relations advisory services have come together to establish an industry self-regulatory body that promotes high standards of, and greater transparency and public confidence in, the provision of professional government relations services. These firms recognise that the community does and should expect the highest level of propriety in the interactions of government relations practitioners with government at the both the elected and non-elected levels.


The purpose of the Association is to:

  • Promote high standards of government relations practice in Australia through the establishment and maintenance of a robust industry code of conduct.
  • To protect, promote and advance the interests of Government Relations Professionals on all issues affecting or likely to affect the Australian Professional Government Relations Industry
  • Complement existing regulation of government relations practice in Australia and provide a basis for regular dialogue between Government and the profession.
  • Contribute to greater understanding of professional government relations in Australia, and the legitimate and important role the sector plays in a vibrant democratic system.