APGRA is the national association for professional advisers on government relations in Australia. We support transparent, accountable and ethical practice in our profession.

Welcome to the website of the Australian Professional Government Relations Association (APGRA). Since 2014, APGRA has been the peak professional organisation for advisers in government relations.

We strongly encourage government relations practitioners from across the country, and those in-house or consulting, to consider joining the APGRA and signing up to our Code of Conduct.

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What is government relations

Government relations is professional advice on matters of government policy, law and regulation. Sometimes also called lobbyists, government relations advisers support organisations, sectors and industries in the public policy process. Their role is to help clients including corporations, charities and NGOs to be heard on issues of importance to them.

Government relations advisers help their clients to:
  • Understand the process and the parameters within which government policy is developed
  • Work with them to build their case with facts, evidence and the support of other stakeholders
  • Communicate their position to government, parliamentary or public sector stakeholders.

This work is essential to the functioning of a healthy representative democracy.

It can make the difference between good and bad law, between informed and uninformed decision making and between fairness and unfairness. Government relations enables better outcomes for society as a whole.

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Promote high standards of government relations practice in Australia through the establishment and maintenance of a robust industry code of conduct.

To protect, promote and advance the interests of government relations professionals on all issues affecting or likely to affect the Australian professional government relations industry.

Complement existing regulation of government relations practice in Australia and provide a basis for regular dialogue between government and the profession.

Contribute to greater understanding of professional government relations in Australia, and the legitimate and important role the sector plays in a vibrant democratic system.

Code Of Conduct

The individual and firm members of the Association believe that government relations practitioners must be honest, open and transparent in their dealings with government and clients, and are committed to high standards of integrity in the conduct of their businesses and activities.

This Code of Conduct has been developed by the Association to clearly articulate the professional and ethical framework for the way in which members relate to government in Australia.

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APGRA believes this vital work should be conducted in a manner that is transparent, ethical and accountable. There needs to be public confidence that government relations services are conducted with highest level of propriety.

APGRA has been formed to set the highest possible standard for conduct in our industry. Our membership includes individuals, firms, organisations and in-house government relations practitioners across Australia.

Only advisers who share our values and commit to the Code of Conduct can join APGRA. Read the Code of Conduct here.

APGRA supports lobbyist registers and government codes to ensure transparency. Our members must abide by relevant legislation and government codes in place across the country. We work with all governments to ensure that their schemes reflect best practice.

APGRA is non-partisan and supports inclusive and respectful democratic practice.