Media Release – Queensland Government’s changes to lobbying rules


28th June 2022

Australian Professional Government Relations Association

Statement to be attributed to a spokesperson for the Australian Professional Government Relations Association:

The Australian Professional Government Relations Association (APGRA) notes the Queensland Government’s changes to lobbying rules and looks forward to discussing our members’ views with the Government.

The APGRA was established in 2014 by a number of longstanding public affairs consulting firms and senior practitioners to promote ethical standards, greater transparency and a binding Code of Conduct applicable to all members conducting government relations activity. All APGRA members must commit to and abide by the APGRA Code of Conduct which complements existing Commonwealth and State Lobbying Codes of Conduct.

The APGRA is seeking to ensure that new rules for lobbyists announced by the Queensland Government on 27 June 2022 do not unduly add to the administrative burden on government or professional services firms nor dissuade public officials from participating in appropriate and ethical engagement with registered lobbyists.

The APGRA put forward a number of recommendations to the Coaldrake Review to strengthen lobbying rules, including:

  • Restrictions on government relations practitioners serving in senior roles within political parties and on election campaigns
  • Application of the Queensland Code of Conduct to third party and in-house lobbyists
  • The requirement for additional information in contact logs with representatives
  • Further education on lobbying activity and integrity requirements for office holders ends