IAPC Members and Friends Breakfast – Sydney

APGRA was delighted to host a members and friends breakfast as part of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) world conference in Sydney last November.

The highlight of the event was hearing from senior political consultants and journalists from the USA analyse the outcomes and implications of the recent US Mid-Term Elections. The forty odd attendees, relished the opportunity to see ‘under the hood’ of what is evolving in US politics and hear speculation from those directly involved in key campaigns on ‘what is coming next’.

At the time of the breakfast the south American refugees were walking through Mexico to the US border, with fears of conflict violence when they arrived.

As a result, an additional bonus was the analysis of this tension in the context of the recent Mexican Presidential Election by Gisele Perezzblas. Gisele is one of South America’s leading political campaigners. She was fresh from helping deliver success to 40+ candidates in their national and state elections.

APGRA members, political tragics that we are, greatly enjoyed the opportunity to explore global trends in voter behaviour, messaging and campaigning strategies that these excellent speakers shared under Chatham House Rules.