Breakfast with US Political Strategist Celinda Lake

In late August almost 70 government relations practitioners from across Australia had the opportunity to hear first-hand insights into US politics from leading political strategist, Celinda Lake, at a special APGRA online breakfast event.

Celinda, who worked as a leading pollster on Joe Biden’s successful 2020 Presidential campaign, joined with her Lake Research colleague, David Mermin to present insights into how the relatively new Biden administration is performing.

What Americans think of Australia
The briefing highlighted views on a range of major policy issues, including management of the economy, the coronavirus pandemic and crime/safety, as well as the President’s foreign policy agenda.

In polling which reflected views among Americans comparing how much the US takes into account the interests of other countries when making policy decisions, just 30 per cent stated the US considers Australia a great deal/a fair amount. In this polling, the interests of Australia were behind the likes of Greece (53 per cent), Germany (51), Japan (48) and Singapore (46), among others.

If you couldn’t join us for the event and would like to receive a PDF copy of the data Lake Research presented, please email us at and we’ll send it through to you.

It was yet another successful APGRA professional development event and we have more planned going forward.