Members of the Association comprise firms and individuals providing government relations advisory services to corporate and other organizations in Australia who are committed to operating as credible, responsible and ethical providers of government relations services in Australia.

Membership is open to government relations practitioners working as part of a firm providing government relations services, as an individual consulting practitioner and to those working ‘in-house’ at corporations, industry organizations and NGOs, who are able to satisfy, and agree to, the Association’s Code of Conduct and Membership Rules.

All applications for membership must be approved by APGRA’s management committee.

There are four classes of ordinary membership as follows:-

  • Larger Consulting Firms – being a firm with more than 5 government relations professionals working in the business.
  • Smaller Consulting Firms – being a firm with 5 or less government relations professionals working in the business.
  • Individual Consultants – being self-employed government relations professionals working independently.
  • Individual 'In-House' consultants – as part of their employment their duties are to represent the views of their employer only and not to represent the interests of multiple unrelated businesses

Members will be bound by the APGRA’s Member Rules and Code of Conduct.

List of members and, where relevant, their professional government relations staff.